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Publications & Talks

LaFlamme C, Barré G, Fiorentini ML, Beaudoin G, Occhipintic S, Bell J. A significant seawater sulfate reservoir at 2.0 Ga determined from multiple sulfur isotope analyses of the Paleoproterozoic Degrussa Cu-Au volcanogenic massive sulfide deposit, Western Australia. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. Vol 295, 2021, P. 178-193

LaFlamme C, Fiorentini ML, Lindsay M, Bui TH, 2018. Atmospheric sulfur is recycled to the crystalline continental crust during supercontinent formation. Nature Communications, 9, 4380

A presentation by Crystal Laflamme that was given on May 6 2020 to the virtual forum Ore Deposits Hub.

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